I’ve been a student of Kate’s through Pre-Natal, Mums n Bubs and weekend retreat yoga & I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her pre-natal classes were invaluable as they empowered me to trust in myself, and gave me the tools to have an amazing natural birth without any pain relief. Bringing our son into this world was the most incredible experience and I am forever grateful for having Kate as a teacher. Kate radiates peace, love & laughter and her classes leave you feeling warm & nurtured. (TeAngi, Melbourne)

Kate’s gentle, nurturing and attentive approach to yoga and meditation guided me through 2 pregnancies in my late 30’s and empowered me to be able to give birth naturally without pain relief using techniques she taught me. Now in my 50’s I still use these ideas and techniques about connecting with my breath to help calm my mind and focus my energy. I highly recommend Kate as an inspirational and individually focused teacher. (Kylie, Nungurner)

Being pregnant with my first babe, labour seemed terrifying and exciting (as I’m sure it does for most). I found Kate’s class a wealth of knowledge, of ways I could prepare my body and mind for the transition ahead…and a wonderful invitation to relax into that which can’t be prepared for. Lovely energy, good humour and a very experienced teacher. (Joh, Freshwater Creek)

 I looked forward every week to Kate’s Mums and Bubs class. Kate created a welcoming and calming environment (despite the crying babes!) where new mothers were led to re-strengthen, love and appreciate their bodies, reconnect to their breath, and take time out to do something just for themselves. Kate is an empathic, fun and nurturing teacher. (Lauren, Melbourne)

I have found Kate’s classes to show a deep understanding of how to nurture all mums – both new and experienced. Kate also displays a profound appreciation for the true origins of yoga, with time spent not only on asana but on the timelessness of ancient Vedic mantra. Spending time on one of Kate’s mini retreats is a pleasure and a great privilege. (Nicole, Moriac)