“Yoga classes with Kate provided so much more than I anticipated; poses for preparing for labour, an opportunity to meet with other mums, a safe space to share pregnancy experiences, and time to connect with baby in a very busy and changing world. I returned to classes once baby was born and this meant that I could once again meet new mums who I could share my personal journey with. I strongly felt the intention and design of Kate’s classes – they have enriched my journey in motherhood and I really couldn’t be more thankful. If you do just one thing for yourself – let it be matriyoga classes.” (Holly, Geelong)

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you. The breathing techniques and mantras you taught us in class massively helped me, not only during labour but in helping me to remain calm among the chaos of the run up to the big day. One of your play lists was playing in the background during birth too. The midwife described it as a “beautiful birth”. Thanks so much for all the preparation and support, it is hugely appreciated. You are a natural at what you do. I hope I can make some postnatal classes with bubs.” (Katie, Geelong)

Lorrie Goulet, The Cradle of Life, 1969.

“So much of the mindfulness, breathing exercises and visualisations I learnt in your class were useful during labour. They really got me through each contraction – each one was so intense but never actually felt painful as such and as each one finished I often thought “well that didn’t last very long” which made me feel confident I could get through the rest.” (Fiona, Geelong)

“Thank you for the prenatal yoga classes I had with you before the birth of my second daughter. I have practiced a lot of yoga over the years with a lot of teachers and you are by FAR my absolute favourite. I gained so much from your classes, and have been singing your praises to every pregnant woman I see. Your energy is so light and calming and nurturing and you have so much knowledge in your area of expertise. As far as I’m concerned your classes should should be mandatory for pregnant women! The strength and breathing techniques you taught helped me to achieve a 100% natural, drug free VBAC. Something I never dreamed to be possible!” (Kahlia, Geelong)

“CalmBirth class with Kath, Matriyoga with Kate and Newtown Natural Fertility acupuncture with Jenny helped hugely to prepare me physically, intellectually and emotionally for birth (and manage while pregnant!). I know I breathed deeply and calmly almost the entire labour. My midwife kept exclaiming how they thought I’d done this before, how beautiful my breathing and active labour movements were and how I created the best environment to progress and support both of our health…especially for such a long labour which did have a few complications. When both of our bodies were distressed in the last minutes before she arrived, my resolve to breathe, relax my jaw and pelvis and bring baby out immediately was unstoppable. Time didn’t exist except for one wave at a time. I embraced the waves and learnt to love them because it meant my body was doing what it needed to bring baby earthside. I used a lot of things from class: oceans breathe, counting, resting deeply when and how I could, imagined my 2 favourite places a couple of times, distracted myself holding a hairbrush in my hand (like that toe sitting position)” (Maryanne, Geelong)

Danny Osbourne, Sculpture of a Pregnant Woman, Dublin, Ireland.

“I am loving Kate’s Matri Yoga which she’s adapted into the Zoom format so well. I am currently doing the Mums and Bubs course online which has been great. Kate has a knack for describing things so that it is still easy to follow along even when it’s tricky to see what’s happening on a small phone screen if that’s all you gave available. Her classes are a lovely balance of education, movement, stretching, strengthening, rest and a virtual social ‘outing’. Life saving with a newborn in this time of Covid 19! I always feel so good after a class, very relaxed and present, also with a few new tricks and insights for future use. Thank you so much Kate, I really appreciate what you’re doing and highly recommend Matri Yoga. Namaste” (Jess, Geelong)

I’ve attended Kate’s Mums & Bubs classes for 2 terms – one of them being wholly online – and have found it to be beautiful time spent with my daughter. She thoroughly enjoys the baby massage component of the class, laughing and giggling, and this is a routine we have also incorporated into our daily life. The Mums and Bubs classes have also offered an opportunity to connect with other new mums and share stories and experiences in a friendly and warm forum.  Kate is an experienced yoga teacher (and Mum) and I’ve found myself using her teachings as I go about my day, such as different breathing techniques and chanting. From time to time Kate teaches us the odd nursery rhyme too!” (Lauren Geelong) 

Kate is an incredible yoga teacher and I absolutely loved her classes. I began attending at 20 weeks pregnant right up to the birth of my (second) son. I brought so much of what she taught into the birth space with me which I know contributed to the incredibly powerful and gentle water birth I had at my home. A perfect combination of connecting with your body and baby, relaxation, gentle stretches and different meditation techniques to help with labour Kate’s approach was so calming and grounding and as a person she is so relatable and has a wonderful sense of humour! I looked forward to her classes every week and will be attending Mums and Bubs classes soon to continue on this journey with her.” (Tessa, Geelong)

I absolutely loved my experience of prenatal yoga with Kate of matriyoga. The gentle yogic practice Kate teaches focuses not only on asana but also on many other limbs of yoga. This wholistic practice aided me greatly in achieving the empowering and powerful birth I had envisioned“. (Eilis, Geelong)

Kate’s prenatal yoga and meditation classes were so enriching and pivotal to my pregnancy journey and for my birth preparation. I felt empowered, informed and connected to my body and baby across the course and Kate’s open, honest and thoughtful approach to her classes made for a very special and individualized yoga experience. I drew heavily on several techniques practiced in class to help me birth my baby with confidence. I would highly recommend Kate’s yoga classes to expectant mums and new parents“. ( Liz, Geelong)

Kate’s classes are so wonderful. Her wisdom and knowledge about pregnancy and birth are subtly threaded throughout her classes. I didn’t feel like I needed to attend any other classes as doing Kate’s full course provided me with all the tools I needed to help through labour and even beyond. I find myself repeating chants in the early morning hours of breastfeeding that I learnt from Kate. I highly recommend any pregnant woman attend Kate’s classes”. (Sarah, Geelong)

Arthur Lewin-Funke, Mother, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Kate’s prenatal classes are beautiful, practical and grounding. Kate is completely dedicated to supporting mothers and mums to be – she is always empathetic and practical. Kate checks in with us each class to make sure she’s in tune with our evolving state and needs and she modifies poses for the students who need it at different points in their pregnancy. I loved how I felt after these the classes”. (Imogen, Geelong)

 “I’ve been a student of Kate’s through Pre-Natal, Mums n Bubs and weekend retreat yoga & I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her pre-natal classes were invaluable as they empowered me to trust in myself, and gave me the tools to have an amazing natural birth without any pain relief. Bringing our son into this world was the most incredible experience and I am forever grateful for having Kate as a teacher. Kate radiates peace, love & laughter and her classes leave you feeling warm & nurtured”. (TeAngi, Melbourne)

Kate’s gentle, nurturing and attentive approach to yoga and meditation guided me through 2 pregnancies in my late 30’s and empowered me to be able to give birth naturally without pain relief using techniques she taught me. Now in my 50’s I still use these ideas and techniques about connecting with my breath to help calm my mind and focus my energy. I highly recommend Kate as an inspirational and individually focused teacher”. (Kylie, Nungurner)

Being pregnant with my first babe, labour seemed terrifying and exciting (as I’m sure it does for most). I found Kate’s class a wealth of knowledge, of ways I could prepare my body and mind for the transition ahead…and a wonderful invitation to relax into that which can’t be prepared for. Lovely energy, good humour and a very experienced teacher”. (Joh, Freshwater Creek)

 “I looked forward every week to Kate’s Mums and Bubs class. Kate created a welcoming and calming environment (despite the crying babes!) where new mothers were led to re-strengthen, love and appreciate their bodies, reconnect to their breath, and take time out to do something just for themselves. Kate is an empathic, fun and nurturing teacher”. (Lauren, Melbourne)

“Being a long term practitioner, I was excited to be able to practise yoga again with bub. Kate’s classes were the perfect balance of calming, grounding, and gently getting my body moving again. My bub loved the massage too!” (Kat, Geelong)

I have found Kate’s classes to show a deep understanding of how to nurture all mums – both new and experienced. Kate also displays a profound appreciation for the true origins of yoga, with time spent not only on asana but on the timelessness of ancient Vedic mantra. Spending time on one of Kate’s mini retreats is a pleasure and a great privilege”. (Nicole, Moriac)