Click on ‘classes’ tab above to find out more about upcoming term 3 Prenatal yoga and Mums and Bubs yoga classes in Geelong and the Surf Coast ❤

  • Prenatal Yoga Practice: Monday nights at Geelong City Yoga on Malop Street beginning 18th July
  • Yoga & Meditation for Pregnancy: Wednesday nights at Geelong Myotherapy and Wellness Centre in Breakwater beginning 20th July
  • Also at Geelong Myotherapy Yoga for Mums & Bubs on Wednesday mornings starting 20th July
  • I am excited to have been invited to join the Team at the new and fabulous Village Birth in Torquay and will be offering Mums and Bubs yoga classes and 3rd trimester Yoga for Birth sessions here on Monday daytimes. More details soon.

Matri: From the Sanskrit Mātr. A combining form meaning Mother. Used in the formation of words such as matriarch, matrilineal.

Matri yoga: a whole-hearted offering of yoga and mindfulness-based practices to support women through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.