I am brimming with anticipation over this new offering – an afternoon “mini retreat” at Yoga Farm in Mt Duneed on June 4th. We will explore gentle yoga based movement as well as restorative yoga practice, mindfulness meditation and sound healing from my wonderful friend Josephine Lange … who says you need to drive for hours and stay away for days to ‘retreat’?

Click on classes tab above to find out more ❤

Current weekly Matri Yoga classes:

  • NEW: Yoga & Meditation for Pregnancy course at Geelong Myotherapy and Wellness Centre in Breakwater beginning Wednesday 25th May
  • Monday nights at Geelong City Yoga are fully booked
  • 3rd Trimester Yoga & Breath for Birth runs monthly as a 3 week intensive – click on tab above for latest dates
  • Yoga for Mums & Bubs at The Monastery on Tuesdays – Term 2 still has spaces. get in touch to find out more!
  • Online Prenatal Yoga 6 week courses are on hold for now

Plus coming soon: Weekend Yoga for Pregnancy + Birth workshops. Please get in touch if you are interested to know more.

Matri: From the Sanskrit Mātr. A combining form meaning Mother. Used in the formation of words such as matriarch, matrilineal.

Matri yoga: a whole-hearted offering of yoga and mindfulness-based practices to support women through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.