Namaste and welcome

Latest Matri Yoga News >>>

  • I have a NEW ONLINE Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth Short Course starting just in time for Spring on 1st September
  • Term 4 “face to face” classes in Geelong at The Birth House and Geelong City Yoga begin the first week of October 2021 (and pivot to zoom whenever necessary)
  • I also offer a Thursday morning 3rd Trimester Yoga for Birth Preparation Class which rolls over every 3 weeks.
  • All students (pregnant and mums) are welcome to attend a monthly Thursday night Zoom at 7.30pm for 1 hour – guided meditation, relaxation, pranayama and simple pre-bedtime stretch. Last Thursday of the month.

Matri: From the Sanskrit Mātr. A combining form meaning Mother. Used in the formation of words such as matriarch, matrilineal.

Matri yoga: a whole-hearted offering of yoga and mindfulness-based practices to support women through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.