Yoga for Mums and Bubs

A Yoga and Mindfulness course for new mums whose babies are between 6-8 weeks and 6-8 months old!

TERM 2 2022 Mums & Bubs Yoga begins 3rd May


  • Mindfulness, Relaxation, singing + chanting.
  • Baby massage and gentle assisted baby stretches to help with settling, digestion, practice tummy time etc.
  • Yoga warm-ups, stretches, strengtheners & flows
  • Movements and breathwork that foster whole body awareness and connection to deep core and pelvic floor.
  • The opportunity to address common post partum/new mum complaints. These might include issues around: continence, pelvic girdle stability, sore upper back, shoulders and neck, wrist strain, abdominal separation, depression and anxiety etc *
  • We will also pay special attention to helping keep ourselves grounded, centred and connected (both within and with each other) as we work out how to navigate the ups and downs of life as parents.

*None of this should be seen as a replacement for advice given by medical professionals… just from a yoga teacher who has taught new mums for more than 13 years and had 3 children herself!

Whilst we do include our bubs in some of the postures, this class is a wonderful opportunity for our babies to see us doing something positive for ourselves… exploring practices that support us as women, parents and human beings! They are usually pretty happy just to hang out and watch 🙂

There is no exact maximum age for this class, but generally once babies become actively mobile and getting into mischief – it’s time to graduate!

ALSO: No previous yoga experience is necessary. 

Please allow at least 6 weeks after birth before commencing (8 week minimum if C-section or complicated birth). If in doubt consult your midwife or doctor.


TUESDAYS:10am – 11am
Commencing 3rd May
(no classes during school holidays)
49 Tanner Street, Breakwater
COST:$200 for 8 week course
20% discount for financial difficulty/healthcare card
PLEASE NOTE:COVID-19 DOUBLE VAX certificate is required to attend

NB: In the event of Lockdown – these classes will be held online via ZOOM. Fingers crossed this is a thing of the past!

“I struggled with PNA (post natal anxiety) after finding myself pregnant with my first baby in the time of Covid. I found Kate’s Mums and Bubs yoga class gave me the motivation I needed to get out of the house and take some time for myself. It was such a lovely opportunity to connect with my baby and other new mums, and one of the only places I felt I didn’t need to worry if my little one cried nonstop 😂. And some days she did! And I still managed to catch moments of relaxation. But mostly we just enjoyed bonding in the supportive and nurturing space Kate held for us each week. Plus, by the end I felt like I could manage a regular class which #seemed unimaginable when we started. Highly recommended!”  (Rochelle, Geelong)