3rd Trimester Yoga for Birth

“There are as many ways to give birth as there are women who are pregnant. There is no one right way. There is only you, in your body, finding your way, moment by moment. Through yoga practice you can cultivate the attentiveness, strength, flexibility, freedom, and courage to move and adapt to the changing conditions of the labour process, practising the yoga of childbirth during labour and birthing itself” (Nancy Bardacke, Mindful Birthing)

This daytime, small group class is for women in their last few weeks of pregnancy who would like to slow down and be supported to go deeper into their mindfulness, breathing, restorative and relaxation practices in preparation for giving birth.

We will also move and stretch – using our yoga to explore feeling open and grounded, move energy and awareness down through the body, practice tempering strong sensations with softness, discover active birthing positions, movements and more…

Kate works intuitively over our 4 weeks together to weave together practices from various yoga and meditative traditions – such as soundwork/chanting/mantra, mudra, visualisation, breath awareness and pranayama, vinyasa/movement flow, walking and seated meditation… to help participants find their OWN inner compass and guide as they head into the amazing transformational journey that is birth!

When:Mondays 12pm -1.45pm starting early august
Where:Village Birth
Cost:$150 for block of 4 classes
  • Please note our first session will go for 15minutes longer to allow extra time to settle in and introduce ourselves.

“I did the Matri Yoga third trimester yoga for birth classes with Kate during somewhat ‘normal’ covid times where birth classes at hospitals were still online. I was able to prepare mentally and physically for the birth of my daughter with Kate who gave me an abundance of strategies and resources. 

Kate made each class unique, was flexible and adapted to the needs of the mums-to-be in the class. I think every woman left class taking away something different that was going to support them, which goes to show the range of strategies that were on offer. Kate shared her own experiences and expertise as well as providing extra resources to look into if we wished. 

The classes were a combination of relaxation techniques and breathing/focus strategies that support women to be grounded and anchored in labour and preparation for the physical side of labour with strengthening techniques and positions. I went into my induction feeling prepared and able thanks to all the skills I learnt with Kate. 

I can highly recommend the 3rd trimester yoga for birth classes with Matri Yoga. Kate was a huge support in the lead up to birthing my daughter and I will be going back for round two when the time comes.” (Jenna, Geelong)