3rd Trimester Yoga for Birth Classes

This daytime class at THE BIRTH HOUSE is for women in the last few weeks of pregnancy who would like to go deeper into their mindfulness, breathing and relaxation practices in preparation for giving birth.

We will still move and stretch – using our yoga to explore feeling open and grounded, move energy and awareness down through the body, practice tempering strong sensations with softness, discover active birthing positions and movements and more…..

But we will also be slowing things right down and going deep within!

  • This class is offered in blocks of 3.
  • You will receive worksheets/summaries of all the key practices we cover in our sessions so you can continue working on them at home if you wish to (or share what has been helpful/meaningful for you with your partner or birth support team)
  • If you have your baby early you can most certainly put credit from any unused classes towards coming to Mums and Bubs yoga down the track.
When:Thursdays 9.45am – 11.15am
Where:THE BIRTH HOUSE 112 McKillop Street
Cost:$90 for block of 3 classes

My 1st two bonding with their little sis in utero – not long before she arrived earthside ❤