Prenatal Yoga Courses

TERM 3 2022: Bookings are now open… GO!

Matri yoga prenatal courses are designed to support you – body, mind, heart and spirit – throughout your pregnancy and empower you towards having the birth you envision. They are suitable for absolute beginners through to more experienced yoginis. 


Yoga Asana: practice a blend of gentle warm ups, more dynamic flows (vinyasa) and held postures that balance openness with strength and stamina, help you feel capable and comfortable in your changing body and connected to/supported by the earth.

Breathing: harness your energy through breath and awareness. There is no surefire, one-size-fits-all breathing “technique” for labour, but through becoming intimate with your own breath, you will find that you have an incredible anchor and ally in your birthing journey.

Visualisation and Vocalisation: learn powerful yoga-based tools to help you stay focused and work with the intensity in labour.

Relaxation: embrace the healing power of deep rest. Plus discover comfortable, supported positions in which to practice your extremely important nana naps!

Meditation: letting go of expectations about how things should be and instead becoming open to fully experiencing what actually is sounds simple but takes practice too. This is a cornerstone of contemplative practices and can become a vital tool during pregnancy and labour as we surrender to what is unfolding.

We will also explore: how using yoga helps prepare for an active birth, learn about our pelvic floor health and integrity, and explore potential active birth positions and movements.

Plus we will discover how yoga may offer support* in managing common pregnancy-related complaints eg morning sickness, reflux, cramping, pelvic instability, pelvic floor issues, lower back pain, circulation issues/varicosities, sciatic pain, insomnia, depression and anxiety etc (*None of this should be seen as a replacement for advice given by medical professionals)

Please be aware that whilst there will most certainly be moments of physical challenge, particularly in the “Prenatal Yoga Practice”, Matri Yoga is NOT specifically an exercise class. If you are looking to maintain a level of physical fitness I highly recommend you find complementary ways to move your body on a daily basis eg swimming, walking, dancing etc.

This term I am offering 2 weekly yoga for pregnancy sessions in Geelong. The Monday night Prenatal Yoga Practice will involve a *slightly* more dynamic practice with a few more challenging moments compared to the Wednesday night Gentle yoga and Mindfulness.
Appropriate variations and modifications will always be given to meet where you are at in whichever class you come to! There are no pre-requisites and no prior yoga experience is necessary to attend either class, however a basic level of fitness would be helpful for the Prenatal Yoga Practice. If you are unsure which class to attend please get in touch.

Monday NightsWednesday Nights
5.45pm – 7pm6.45pm – 8.15pm
18th July – 12th Sept (9 weeks)20th July – 14th Sept (9 weeks)
Geelong City Yoga
1/46 Malop Street
Geelong Myotherapy and Wellness Centre
6-8 Tanner Street Breakwater
  • Matriyoga classes are offered by the term to encourage you to attend weekly and get the most out of your practice. If you would like to join once the course is already underway, please get in touch… if there is a free spot you will be most welcome!
  • Students who have already completed a matriyoga course are welcome to attend casually if space allows.
  • If you are due before the end of term you are welcome to organise paying up to your due date, conversely you can take a credit for mums & bubs yoga class down the track.

PLEASE NOTE THAT In the event of any COVID related restriction changes or lockdowns all face to face classes and courses transition to ZOOM. If I am unable to offer the class live due to lockdown in my household the same will apply. For more info please read T+Cs when booking in. Given that an online alternative is provided I am unable to credit or refund in these instances.

Kate reminds me every week of the power of my mind, body and soul – and the breath that connects them. She creates a really special space where we connect with other people in the class, release where we are at and then move into a practice, that strengthens and guides. My baby, my body and myself have all gained in huge ways from being part of the classes. I feel a real sense of community in Kates classes. She is an amazing teacher, a fun person and so rich in knowledge of bodies, babies and birth!” (Jess, Geelong)