Post Postnatal Yoga

What started out as me just playing around has stuck. These imaginatively titled (!) post postnatal yoga classes are designed to fill in that gap between the intimacy of mum & bubs yoga and the all too often anonymity of regular yoga class – which can sometimes feel just a bit too disconnected from a mother/parent’s reality in that first year or four after baby.

These classes are for women who still want to talk about their pelvic floor, who may be managing a prolapse or continence issues, or still healing and restrengthening from abdominal surgery. For women who might still be managing a diastasis, or lingering nerve issues in their wrists. For women doing all the lifting and carrying of a bigger and bigger bub around on their hip or their back. And for women who may still feel fragmented and in need of reconnecting with their breath, bodies and hearts beyond just being a mother.

These classes started online during lockdown last year for the mums whose bubs were getting a bit bigger. We found so much support and kinship practising with each other! Now I’m excited to say we are going live on Monday evenings from 7.30pm – 8.30pm at Geelong City Yoga (a lovely relaxed, fully kitted out yoga space in the city)…. Hopefully the time is late enough that you’ll have finished your main mum duties for the night but not so late that your eyeballs will be falling out!!

I recommend you wait to attend this class until at least 6 months post partum.

You are welcome to come along to this class no matter how long ago you gave birth


  • Yoga warm-ups, stretches, strengtheners & beautiful, mindful flows
  • Exercises and breathing techniques (pranayama) that continue to foster whole body awareness and connection to the core and pelvic floor.
  • Yoga and mindfulness based methods to help navigate the daily ups and downs of being a mum (and a human) and help us foster acceptance, letting go of judgement, loving kindness, resting in the present moment…
  • We will also pay special attention to helping keep ourselves grounded, centred and connected.
  • I am also super keen to help support you to establish an accessible home practice – if that is something you are interested in! So there will be opportunities to discuss individual needs and interests and I will be available to help you work out a sequence that you can keep practising by yourself.
7.30pm – 8.30pm
Geelong City Yoga
6 week course beginning 3rd May