Post Postnatal Yoga

What started out as me playing around has stuck. Until I think of something better these classes are called Post Postnatal! They are designed to fill in that gap between new mum/new baby yoga – where it’s likely you’ll be feeding, settling and interacting a fair bit with bubs during the class and regular yoga class – which can sometimes feel just a bit too disconnected from a woman’s reality in that first year or two after baby.

They are for women who still want to talk about their pelvic floor, who may be managing a prolapse or continence issues. For women who might still have a slight diastasus, or lingering nerve issues in their wrists. For women managing carrying a bigger and bigger bub around on their hip or their back. And for women who may still feel fragmented and in need of reconnecting with their breath, and bodies and hearts beyond just being a carer, an all-night comforter, and a milk machine.

You are welcome to come along to this class no matter how long ago you gave birth. You are welcome to have your babies or children present for the session…. whatever works for you (I turn the sound off once we start practising anyway!)


  • Yoga warm-ups, stretches, strengtheners & beautiful flows
  • Exercises and breathing techniques (pranayama) that continue to foster whole body awareness and connection to the core and pelvic floor.
  • Yoga and mindfulness based methods to help navigate the daily ups and downs of being a mum (and a human) and help us foster acceptance, letting go of judgement, loving kindness, resting in the present moment…
  • We will also pay special attention to helping keep ourselves grounded, centred and connected (both within and with each other) as we continue to navigate 2020 life.
YOGA PRACTICE:Tuesdays 11am – 12 noon
PLUS CATCH_UP:Thursdays 7.30pm
COST:$85 for 5 week block
OR:$20 casual per week


When you book in for this class (whether casually or as a block) you get access to 2 sessions in the week.

We will do a full yoga practice session on Tuesday mornings.

Then on Thursday evenings is a shorter catch up session. This an opportunity to check in with each other, share a little about our week and how we are travelling. This session will also be open to women from the new mums and bubs class, so it’ll be a nice opportunity to build our little community (and maybe even offer them some “this too shall pass” advice here and there)

We will finish these evening sessions doing some breathing, relaxation or meditation together. I understand that not everyone will always be able/available to make this session. You are always welcome to join late or leave early and just come to say hi 😉