Online/Zoom Prenatal Yoga

New 6 week course Starts 13th October.

I’ll be honest and admit that maybe I was a little hasty giving up offering purely online classes earlier this year. I was so excited about going back to teaching ‘in real life’ (as were all my local students), that the online course seemed to naturally peter out. But if nothing else, these last 18 months have taught us to be adaptable so… I have decided to try offering a purely online class again for those who either don’t live in Geelong…. or do, but would rather just settle in to the one format and not be tossed around by the whims of lockdowns!

One of the big benefits of practising online at this time is that we can focus a little more on breathing/pranayama practice since we don’t have to wear masks. Breathing really is key in yoga as in labour so this is a bonus. Another benefit is you can roll into bed straight after class!!

Participants in the first Matri Yoga online prenatal course 2020

In this 6 week course we will cover: + Connecting to and harnessing the Breath + Using the Voice to stay present, open and grounded + Simple mindfulness techniques, tips and tricks to foster present moment awareness + Embracing and working through mental and physical challenges + Simple stretches and sequences to ease common pregnancy aches and pains and help you feel more comfortable and at home in your changing body and to build strength and stamina for your birthing (and 4th trimester) journey. We will also discover how yoga and mindfulness can lay the foundation to help us establish The 3 R’s of childbirth (see Blog post): Relaxation, Rhythm and Ritual

When:Wednesdays 7pm – 8.15pm (1st week starts 6.45pm to settle in)
Dates: 13th October – 17th November
Whilst this is a “live” course you will be able to access recordings if you ever miss a session
Cost:$150 for 6 weeks*
*(inc access to 2x bonus Thurs night sessions plus weekly support emails)

You are welcome to start at any stage of your pregnancy. If you have any concerns please speak to your healthcare provider. You are also most welcome to get in touch. NO PREVIOUS YOGA EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! I absolutely love teaching beginners ❤

THIS IS NOT A FITNESS CLASS…. but it will beautifully compliment any other exercise or daily movement you do.

Please note: You don’t need to have any special yoga gear to participate in this course however a yoga mat, strap (or similar) and yoga brick (super cheap to purchase) would come in handy. I will send a full list of what to have ready before your first session.